Schwinn Seat Cover 1 ea CARD



Installation: 1. Pull seat cover nose over seat nose, then over all sides at the seat. 2. Pull the drawstring flaps over the rear of the seat and depress the button on the drawstring clamp to tighten. 3. Tie the drawstring into a knot and tuck where it cannot interfere with brakes or wheel. Care: Clean by hand with warm water and mild soap. Hang to air dry. Never machine wash or dry.



Includes: One bike seat cover. Find Your Fit: Sport. Extra-Soft Gel Padding: Durable, vibration-absorbing material for ultimate comfort. Lycra Cover: Breathable, stretchable material keeps you cool and comfortable. Multi-Purpose: For both outdoor riding and stationary bikes at the gym. Easy Installation: Locking drawstring cord for attachment to any seat.

Other Description

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Caution: Make certain attachments do not interfere with safe operation of bicycle.