Schwinn Tire 1 ea BOX



Installation: Adult assembly required. No tools are required but tire levers are recommended. 1. Mount one bead of tire on rim by prying it into rim in one spot. Gradually work it over the rim flange for the rest of the rim’s circumference. 2. Slightly inflate tube to softly round it out. 3. Insert the valve stem through valve stem hole in rim. Push remaining tube into tire cavity. 4. Stating 6 from valve stem, work second d over the rim flange. Use tire lever as needed. 5. Check all the way around the rim’s circumference to make sure that tube is not being pinched between the rim and the tire and that the valve stem is centered in valve stem hole. 6. Inflate tire to recommended pressure (Printed on tire sidewall).



Includes: One bicycle tire. Features: Versatile Tread: Ideal for paved roads and hard dirt trails. Smooth Center Tread Pattern: Ideal for paved roads and hard dirt trails. Side Knobs: Provides better cornering on loose surfaces. Durable Construction: Steel bead for better wear.

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Caution: Do not overinflate tubes. Fill tube with floor or hand pump only. Do not use electric gas station air pumps of compressors which can damage the tube. To avoid damage to tires and tubes do not use a screwdriver or other sharp instruments to mount bike tires. Check tires for proper inflation prior to ride for safety and to ensure maximum tire life. Intended for bicycle use only.