Schwinn Frame Pump 1 ea CARD



1. Select valve type as written on pump head. 2. Press pump head onto valve. Note: If your tire has presta valves, unscrew the valve seal first. 3. Twist pump head collar clockwise to tighten. 4. Extend pump handle and inflate to required pressure. 5. Twist pump head collar counterclockwise to remove.



Includes: One frame pump, mounting bracket and hardware. 120 Max PSI. Dual head fits schrader & presta valves. Rotating Foot Pad: Transforms into a mini floor pump with T-handle. Flexible Hose: Easily reaches between spokes. Pressure Gauge: For accurate inflation. Aluminum Barrel: Lightweight and durable. Mounting Bracket: Attaches to bicycle frame. Turn me. Unlock lock.

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