Play Doh Sweet Shoppe Soft Serve Swirler Set 1 oz BLISTER PACK



Modeling compound. Not intended to be eaten. If spilt, remove excess Play-Doh compound, allow to dry, then scrape or vacuum deposits away. Always put compound back in container after play. Store in a cool place. If necessary, water may be added one drop at a time to restore softness.



Contents: Presser, 2 Cones and 1 One-ounce can of Play-Doh brand modeling compound. Modeling Compound: 1 oz (28 g). Make pretend soft serve ice cream! Creatable, Colorful, Makeable Fun! Fun to play with, but not to eat. Molded results vary depending on child's age and level of skill. Product and colors will vary. Retain this information for future reference. Look what I made! Nontoxic. Ages 3+.

Other Description

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Notice to parents: Contains wheat.


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