Profoot Orthotic Arch Support 1 ea BLISTER PACK

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New. Orthotic design aligns and relieves pain. Next-generation design. Support only where needed. Instantly improves posture to help relieve pain. Stabilizing heel cup. A better way to relieve pain. Everything from balance, stability, movement and musculoskeletal alignment begins with the feet. Over time, misalignment that starts at your feet travels up your legs to your back. An estimated 8 out of 10 people have alignment problems that cause sore feet and all-over body pain. Next-Generation Design: 1. Adaptive Arch Support; automatically adjusts for your arch height to stop pain. 2. Biochemical Design; won't crowd shoes. 3. Stabilizing Heel Cup: Holds heel in place to reduce pain-causing misalignment. Feel the innovation! Directions inside.


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