Himalayan Chandra Neti Pot 1 ea BOX



Contents: One porcelain neti pot. Soothes dry nasal passages. Removes excess mucus. Provides natural relief from allergy and sinus symptoms. The original since 1972. Quality policy & guarantee. Himalayan Chandra is the no. 1 brand in North America for large volume saline nasal irrigation devices. Our goal is to ensure the highest possible quality. safety. effectiveness, and ease of use for our devices at an affordable price. We are highly committed to meeting applicable regulatory, customer and quality standards and achieving increasing levels of customer satisfaction. - Nina Mehta, President & Co-founder. Nasal Wash Benefits: Improves nasal and sinus health. Cleans mucus and congestion. Helps ease the symptoms of cold, allergies, and post-nasal drip. Moisturizes dry nasal passages and much more. Why nasal wash? Wash away mucus, dust, pollen, and other irritants and impurities that the nose filters and traps to protect your health. Nasal irrigation studies show: Nasal wash is an effective way to relieve symptoms and improve the health of patients with sinus problems, and may reduce dependencies on expensive medications. Remember, a nasal wash is not a substitute for medical treatment. Anyone with chronic inflammation of the nasal passages or other ear, nose, or throat disorders should seek medical attention. Lead-free. Dishwasher-safe. Microwave safe.


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Himalayan Chandra