Bell Bicycle Tube 1 ea BOX



Requires two tire levers. 1. Remove Tire: Remove wheel from bike; use thin end of tire lever to pry tire from rim. Insert 2nd lever 3 spokes away. Move levers in opposite directions. 2. Remove Tube: reach in between the rim and tire and remove tube. Check inside of tire for sharp objects and remove them. 3. Insert New Tube: Slightly inflate tube, just enough to give it some shape.; insert new tube valve through valve hole in wheel. 4. Reset New Tire: Use hand to reset tire back on wheel. Pry last part of tire onto rim with tire levers if needed. Be careful not to pinch the tube between the tire and rim! 6. Inflate Tire: Inflate tire about half way then check to make sure it is correctly seated all the way around the rim. Inflate to recommended PSI on tire sidewall.



Includes: One tube. Cruiser. Comfort. Mountain. Fits Tire Widths: x 1.75 inches - 2.25 inches. What's your valve type? Standard: Also called a Schrader valve, this short, sturdy valve type is used on car tires and is also the most common valve type for bicycles. Typically found on BMX, Cruiser, Kids' and most Mountain bikes. An easy way to remember is S is for Standard (Schrader/short/sturdy) and P is for presta (Performance/premium). Presta: Presta valves are typically found on Performance Road and Mountain bikes (bras that require high air pressure). They have built-in yew locks which you twist to open before inflating.

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