Bell Floor Pump 1 ea CARD



Lock before pumping. With thumb lever in up position, press pump head onto valve. Press thumb lever down to lock before pumping. Pull thumb lever up to release.



Includes: One (1) pump, ball needle, and inflation cone. 383 volume cu cm. 160 psi max. Ball/toy inflation. Schrader and presta valves. Gauge. Soft touch handle. Easiest inflation! Thin barrel = less resistance. Works on all bike types. Premium Features: Rugged steel barrel construction for years of dependable use. Large, contoured handle for sure grip. Dual schrader/presta pump head offers convenience when inflating different types of bike tires. Extra large base provides in-use stability. Standard Schrader: Left side (Big hole). Presta: Right side (Small hole).

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Caution: Do not over inflate! Always follow recommended air pressure as indicated on tire sidewall or item you are inflating. Periodically check air pressure to avoid damage.