Maglite Flashlight 1 ea BLISTER PACK



Lens holder/anti-roll device color lens set. QuickClik electronic switch. Multi-mode. IPX4 water resistant. 3 - Cell AAA. Tail cap switch. (3) AAA cell, alkaline. FL 1 Standard: high; 224 m; 200 lumens; 12533 cd; 1 m; 6h 45 min; 25h. Easy to use. Powerful Focusing LED Beam: The new Maglite' XL50. LED flashlight delivers user-friendly, performance oriented features in a sleek, tactical design and is driven by the next generation of Mag-LED. technology. Features a push-button tail cap switch with simple on-off function and 3 selectable modes, Turn on with 1 quick click for high power. Turn on with 2 quick clicks for 25% power. Turn on with 3 quick clicks for emergency safety strobe. Lens holder/Anti roll device/Colored Lens Set/Pocket Clip. Plus: All of the quality features professionals and consumers expect from a Mae flashlight: Rugged, machined aluminum construction. Anodized inside and out for improved corrosion resistance. Detailed warrabty and operating instructions are enlcosed. Includes 3 AAA cell premium alkaline batteries.

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Join the Maglite Nation. Scan the QR code or go to Tel: (800) 289-6241 or (909) 947--1006 National Law Enforcement Officers. Memorial Fund. A matter of honor. The campaign for the national law enforcement museum. Mag instrument is a founding partner of the national law enforcement officers memorial fund and the national law enforcement museum. Learn more about the campaign for the national law enforcement museum at


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