Craftsman Pre-Wound Spool 3 ea PLASTIC CONTAINER



In order to replace or rewind the spool or clear a jam: 1. Disconnect the power source. 2. Depress the tabs as shown in fig. 1. To remove the cover. 3. Clear any broken line or debris and remove old spool. 4. Take line out of packaging and remove tape from spool. Hold end of line taught to prevent unraveling. 5. Insert the line end through the eyelet in the spool hub as shown in fig. 2. Maintain tension by pulling the line through the hole while placing the spool into the hub (arrow side up). See fig 3. 6. Press the spool down and rotate it until it drops into place. When in place, the spool will turn a few degrees left and right freely. 7. Snap spool cap into place. Connect power source and turn the tool on. You will hear the nylon line being cut automatically to the proper length.



20 foot (6 m). 2.03 mm. Includes (3) .080 inch pre-wound spool. US & Canada only.


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