Grillmark Charcoal Briquets 15.4 lb BAG



Lighting Instructions: 1. Arrange briquets in a pyramid. Follow lighter fluid container directions. Open grill vents. 2. Light pyramid of briquets In several places. 3. In approximately 10-15 minutes, or when briquets are predominately ashed over; spread briquets evenly. 4. Wait 5 minutes and begin cooking. For Safe Barbecuing: Do not pour lighter fluid on burning briquets. Never use gasoline to light a fire. For best results, store this bag in a dry place. Do not cover flaming briquets with grill lid. Make sure ashes are cool before discarding. Grill should be placed on a level surface. Place grill away from flammable items (trees, overhangs, buildings, etc). Should more cooking time be needed, add regular charcoal briquets. Close bag tightly after use.



Tools for the outdoor cook.


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