Traeger Hardwood Pellets 20 lb BAG



Proper Pellet Storage: To ensure that your Traeger Grill is able to reach and maintain optimal temperatures, proper pellet storage is key. Both humidity and moist climates can affect the performance of your grill and Traeger Pellets. To ensure that your Traeger Pellets maintain the highest possible quality, please follow the recommended guidelines below: Traeger Pellets should be stored indoors and in a sealed container, even while inside the bag. Remove unused pellets from the hopper when not in use for extended periods of time. Leaving pellets inside the hopper for extended periods of time may draw moisture, resulting in inconsistent temperatures and other performance issues. Proper pellet storage is key to achieving optimal grill performance: to preserve pellet quality keep Traeger pellets stored indoors and in a sealed container.



Wood fired grills. Natural hardwood blend. 100% pure hardwood pellets. Pair with: Pork & poultry rub, apricot BBQ sauce. 100% food-grade. Smoke it. Grill it. Flavor it. 100% pure hardwood. Taste the difference. Why choose Traeger pellets over other brands? When you chooses -Traeger, you're getting the highest quality hardwood on the market. Traeger has dedicated years to developing a premium blend of hardwoods with the compact cell structure needed for a balanced, dependable burn. We maintain our moisture to smoke ratio firmly at 5%-the sweet spot-with no fillers, no binding agents and no bark content, just clean, robust flavor. Our three U.S. mills process 100% virgin hardwood, ensuring the quality and purity of our product from sawmill to shelf. Traeger mills are dedicated to processing natural, food-grade pellets, and nothing else. In contrast with other wood pellet suppliers who don't own their wood pellet production facilities, Traeger can guarantee that nothing harmful is cooking your food. Experts agree, to master the craft of outdoor cooking, hardwood is the secret ingredient. Thick and even smoke delivery depends on the quality of your fuel. We have eight flavors of wood pellets, all bark free for a clean and efficient burn with less than 1% ash content. This translates into the perfect proportion of smoke to heat with minimal waste, infusing your food with rich, natural flavor. Kick propane and charcoal to the curb in favor of a healthier, safer, and tastier alternative: 100% food-grade, all-natural hardwood. At Traeger, we make cooking simple. Kick propane and charcoal to the curb in favor of a healthier, safer, & tastier alternative: 100% food-grade, all-natural hardwood.

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