3M Securefit Eyewear 1 ea BLISTER PACK



Protective eyewear helps provide limited protection from light to moderate impact hazards, such a metal or wood chips and small flying particles. Care should always be used. This lens is impact-resistant but not unbreakable. Do not use if lens becomes pitted, cracked or scratched. Do not use for protection against mists, sprays and splashes. Do not use for burning, cutting or welding with torches, or electric (arc)welding. It does not protect against severe impact hazards such as fragmenting, grinding wheels or abrasive disks, or explosive devices. Damaged frames reduce protection and must be immediately replaced. Clean lenses with a soft cloth or soap and water for better visibility. Store in a clean, dry area. Meets the requirements of ANSI Z87.1-2010 and CSA Z94.3.



Wear all day. Forget you have them on: Impact-resistant lens. Blocks 99.9% UV. ANSI Z87.1-2010. CSA Z94.3. AS/NZS 1337. Flexible temples. SecureFit Protective Eyewear are flexible and lightweight for a secure and comfortable fit. The flat temple, low profile design fits well with hearing protection. Lightweight design. Dual-injected padded temples. Indoor/Outdoor lens with scratch-resistant coating. Impact resistance lenses that absorb up to 99% UV.

Other Description

For more information in United States, see internet www.3MSafety.com or call 1-800-494-3552. In Canada, call 1-800-267-4414. In Australia, call 1-800-024-464.


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