Bell Light Set 1 ea CARD



Headlight Installation and Charging: Use 3-AA batteries (not included). To install headlight: Place on handlebar. Wrap silicon strap around bar as tightly as possible. Latch to hook. To change batteries: Remove front light from bicycle. Press button at base of mount to release. Separate the two pieces. Remove and replace the 3 AA-batteries. Press the two light pieces together until they click in place. Re-mount light to handlebar. Tail Light Installation: Use 2-AA Batteries (not included). Tail light bracket. To install light light: Place mount on seatpost at desired position. Wrap silicon strap on seatpost and hook in place. Putting your light in the bracket; clip. Tail light: Align clip on tail light with slot in bracket and slide into place until it clicks. To release: Pull clip gently away from the light and slide upwards until clear. Batteries; coin. To install batteries: In the bottom of the light there is a slot. Use a small coin to pop the lens off, exposing the battery housing.



No tools. Powerful lighting system for your commute. Headlight: Hi/low beam strobe mode. Tail Light: Steady and strobe modes. See and be seen! Powerful light system. Beam distance: 170 feet; brightness: 150/70 lumens hi/low; run time: 16/22 hrs steady hi/low; strobe 65 hrs. 10 feet; 10 lumens; 45 hrs steady hi/low; strobe 120 hrs. 1 focused narrow beam; 2 diffused wide beam as seen by others. Bell's advanced optic technology puts the light where it's needed. Brightness: The higher the lumen count, the brighter the beam. Beam Length: Lets you see farther down the road. Run Time: Vital to know so you don't get caught in the dark! Includes: One (1) headlight, one (1) tail light, mounting hardware.


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