Bell Bicycle Light Set 1 ea BLISTER PACK



Head Light / Tail Light: Release battery compartment/light module using small coin. Place batteries in to the back of the light housing compartment. Headlight / Tail Light Mounting Installation: While battery compartment is separated, install light by placing clamp around handlebar (headlight) or seat post (tail light). Make sure the shim is installed correctly (see shim placement below). Insert bolts and tighten securely. Replace battery compartment by aligning power switch with power button. Make sure the shims lay flat against the seat post. The tail light should not be angled up or down. The tail light uses angled shims while the headlight shims are flat.



The original. Radian 650. Steady and flash modes long, narrow beam ideal for commuting. Theft resistant. Integrated mount reduces theft. Brightness 36 lumens. Run time 20 hours steady - 50 hours flash. Brightness 6 lumens. Run time 13 hours steady - 37 hours flash. 16 degrees beam angle. 115 degrees beam angle. Buyer's Guide: Lumens: The higher the number the brighter the beam. Run Time: Vital to know so you don't get caught in the dark! Beam Angle: Narrow to see, wide to be seen. Beam Length: Lets you see farther down the road. 6 - AAA batteries not included (3 per light). Includes: One (1) headlight, one (1) tail light, mounting hardware, and one (1) allen wrench.

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