Band Off Bandage Remover 1.25 oz BOX



How to Remove Bandages: 1. Saturate adhesive portion of bandage with spray. 2. Wait a few seconds for adhesive to release. 3. Remove bandage. How to Remove Tape: 1. Saturate athletic or medical tape with spray. 2. Gently rub BandOff into tape. 3. Remove tape.



Easy care first aid. New. Easily remove bandages & athletic tape. No more ouch. No hair pulling. No sticky residue. Great for sensitive skin. With BandOff, removing bandages has never been easier! The unique bandage removal spray works fast to gently release adhesives from your skin, letting you easily remove bandages, medical tape, and athletic tape without the Ouch! and sticky residue. It's the best way to remove a bandage! Spray it on - Lift it off. Remove bandages and tape without causing discomfort. No more bruising. Great for those with sensitive skin. BandOff allows for gentle removal of bandages and tape. Say goodbye to the sticky residue left behind by bandages and tape. Whether you use it on your child or yourself, count on BandOff to remove even the stickiest bandages without painfully ripping out hairs. Contains alcohol. See insert for complete product details.


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