Rain X Wipe 1 ea BOX



Note: Use only per label directions. For best results, make sure headlight lenses are clean and free of grit. Apply the product to a cool surface in a shaded area. Headlight lenses with extreme haziness may require several applications to restore clarity. Product will not repair damage to the inside of headlight lenses. 1. Put on the protective gloves included in the box. 2. Tear open the packet. Treatment begins to cure as soon as packet is opened. Make sure to use the wipe on both headlights within a few minutes of opening and stop using as soon as wipe begins to feel dry. 3. Rub the wipe over clean headlight lenses. If the product comes in contact with an unintended area, such as a painted surface, wipe it off immediately with damp cloth. Streaks may appear, but will dissipate as treatment dries. 4. Let dry for 1 hour before touching the surface and allow at least 8 hours before exposing head light to moisture, such as rain, dew, or car washes.



New! No tools required. Treats 2 headlight lenses. Eliminates haze in minutes. Box Includes: 1 pre-moistened wipe - 8 in x 9 in (20.3 cm x 22.9 cm); 1 pair of nitrile gloves. Rain-X One Step Headlight Restoration Wipe is an easy, effective way to restore and protect headlight lenses. The advanced water-based formula in this wipe: Eliminates haze; Restores optical clarity; Improves visibility; Provides a protective barrier against weather elements. No additional tools required and no effective smells. Improves driving visibility!

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Caution: Contains surfactants. Precautionary Measures: Avoid contact with eyes.


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