Kellys Crafts Suncatcher 1 ea BOX



1. Stir gently. 2. Thin with one drop of water as needed. 3. Apply. 4. Spread. 5. Cut a tiny hole. 6. Sprinkle sparingly before stain dries. For best results, wash your unstained suncatcher with warm soapy water, rinse and dry prior to panting. Stain cleans up with soap and water while wet but is permanent when dry. Protect clothing and work surface. Adult supervision is recommended for small children. Let stained suncatcher dry overnight before handling.



Makes 12 suncatchers! Window art! Contents: 12 suncatchers, 3 applicators, glitter: 0.07 oz/2 g, 3 strips of stain pots (12 pots), 12 ft (365.8 cm) clear filament; 12 suction cups with hooks, 1 instruction/inspiration sheet. Hanging: Great for hanging: On windows & mirrors; From ceiling fan pulls; From metal hooks. Non-toxic paint - 30 fl oz (42 ml). 8+.


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