Valvoline Motor Oil 1 qt BOTTLE



Synthetic blend with max life technology. High mileage. Maximizes the life of engines over 75000. Formulated for a thick & durable anti-wear film. To help prevent engine breakdown. American owned & operated. High mileage with maxlife technology - synthetic blend. Maximizes the life of engines over 75,000 miles. Enhanced Anti-wear Additives: Deliver a thick & durable layer of anti-wear film. Extra Detergents: Help fight sludge and deposits. Premium Seal Conditioners: Help treat and prevent leaks. Superior Antioxidants: Resist motor oil breakdown in extreme conditions. A thick & durable anti-wear film provides an even layer of wear protection to help prevent engine breakdown. Thick anti-wear film. Thin anti-wear film. Enhanced for illustrative purposes by Valvoline.

Other Description

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Caution: Avoid prolonged or repeated skin contact with used engine oil. Use engine oil has been shown to cause cancer in laboratory animals. Thoroughly wash exposed area with soap and water.