Phifer Screen 1 ea BAG



Materials are Required: Spline, roller tool. ulitility knife (measure frame's spline groove to match exact spline size needed (Use, 140 inch - 175 inch spline size). 1. On a flat surface, lay screening over frame overlapping frame by at least 1 inch (2.5 cm) on all four sides. 2. With smooth wheel of roller tool, gently roll the screen into spline groove to press the screen to the bottom of the spline channel on all four sides. 3. With grooved wheel of roller tool, insert spline at one corner and roll into groove over crimped screen. Complete all four sides, holding screen tight as spline is rolled into the groove. 4. Using utility knife, trim excess screen on outside edge of spline groove.



36 in x 84 in. 91,4 cm x 213,4 cm. Standard window and door screen.

Other Description

Product Certified for Low Chemical Emissions.


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