The Soulfull Project Multigrain Cinnamon Spice Hot Cereal 2.01 oz CUP\TUB



Prepare with Hot Water: 1. Add boiling water to fill line & stir. 2. Let stand for 4 minutes. 3. Stir well and enjoy! Prepare in Microwave: 1. Add water to fill line and stir. 2. Microwave for 1 minute or until the cereal is hot. Leave cup in microwave to rest for 1 minute. 3. Carefully remove cup from microwave (product and sides of cup will be hot!) and let stand for 3 minutes. 4. Stir well and enjoy! Try it with milk! For a creamier hot cereal. Replace water with milk (almond milk is our favorite!). Promptly refrigerate unused product in separate container. Recommend use by date on container.



240 calories per cup. 100% Whole Grain: 42 g or more per serving. Eat 48 g or more of whole grains daily. Non GMO Project verified. You buy one. We give one. Sometimes, it feels like one person can't change the world - But maybe, one person can make a difference.

Other Description

Questions or comments? Visit us at: Please have code and date information from container. Certified B Corporation. How It Works: For every serving purchased. We will provide a serving of our four grain hot cereal to a food bank in your region. It's a project and we need your help

Nutrition Facts

Number Of Servings 1
Serving Sizes 1.0 Cup
57.0 Gram
Serving Size Full Txt 1 cup (57g)
Energy 240
Saturated Fat 0 g
Trans Fat 0 g
Cholesterol 0 mg
Sodium 160 mg
Carbohydrates 47 g
Dietary Fiber 7 g
Sugars 9 g
Protein 5 g
Daily Percent Of Vitamin A 0
Daily Percent Of Vitamin C 15
Daily Percent Of Calcium 6
Daily Percent Of Iron 10


Whole Grain Rye, Steel Cut Whole Grain Oats, Brown Sugar, Red Quinoa, Black Chia Seeds, Brown Flax Seeds, Cinnamon, Salt.


Contains: wheat.


The Soulfull Project