Avalanche Heavy Duty Recharge Hose 1 ea CLAM SHELL



1. Place smart clips into vehicle's center air vent. 2. Turn A/C to maximum cold following instructions of can. 3. Connect recharge hose to refrigerant can turning dispenser clockwise onto can until sealed. Note: The AVL-402CSSV is intended for use only on R-134a products with a self-sealing valve. 4. Attach quick-connect coupler onto vehicle's A/C low-side service port by pulling ring back and allowing it to snap onto fitting securely. 5. Add refrigerant by turning know clockwise to unlock and pushing down to fill system. 6. The pressure check will rise indicating it is time to check the smart clips inside the vehicle. The first smart clip will turn blue and the second to green, the correct fill. Note: The green pressure check may not rise all the way to the top for correct fill. 7. Watch for the second smart clip to change to green which shows the fill is complete. Note: And it is greater than 95 degrees only the blue needs to change.



New. With pressure check indicator. Plus smart clips For a Correct Fill. Includes smartclip technology for a correct fill. 2 in 1 Charge by pressure and temperature. It's easy as - 1. Smart clip. 2. Smart clip. 3. Smart clip. Works on new era self-sealing valves.

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