Lucas Oil Products Quick Drying Formula Contact Cleaner 14 oz CANISTER



Read the entire label before using this product. 1. Do not apply while equipment is energized. 2. Spray small amounts on area to be cleaned. Lint free cloths or swabs may also be used to clean areas with stubborn soils. Avoid pooling of products on surfaces. 3. Let product dry thoroughly. 4. Check for product that could pool in unseen areas and be sure there are no flammable vapors remaining before reconnecting to electricity by ventilating the area.



Race proven. Leaves no residue. A unique blend of solvents, cleaning agents and propellants designed to remove oil, dirt and moisture from contact points. Non-chlorinated. CFC free. 45% VOC. Dries quickly and leaves no residue. Lucas Contact Cleaner is compatible with metals, and elastomers. It is designed especially for motorcycle applications to clean electrical parts that have been exposed to high levels of oil, dirt and debris.


Warning: Cancer and reproductive harm -