Stanley DualMelt 80 Watts Heavy Duty Glue Gun Kit 1 ea BLISTER PACK



1. Uses 0.044 inches (11 mm) diameter dual temperature or hot melt glue sticks. 2. Fold-down stand for convenience.



10 all purpose. 10 wood. 10 super strength. 410 degrees F/210 degrees C. 275 degrees F/135 degrees C. High: Wood, plastic, metal. Low: Jewelry, fabrics, paper, styrofoam, floral. GR20/GR25. Glue gun instruction sheet. Applications and repairs. Woodworking, plastics. US & Canada only. Double insulated. Input: 120V AC. 60Hz, 80W. E97879. 30TO.


Caution: Melted glue burns skin. Do not touch the glue or nozzle area of the gun. Do not apply oil-based paint or stain to hot melt glue.