Ahold Aluminum Foil 75 sq ft



To Start Roll: Open lid, avoiding sharp edge. Pull out wrap to the desired length. To Tear Wrap: Close lid, grip edge of wrap tear downward across cutter edge. Aluminum foil is ideal for: Storing leftovers. Wrapping baked goods. Reheating food in oven.



Aluminum Foil - 75 sq ft. Smaller Carton Saves Space. Great for: Storing. Baking. Reheating. 25 yd x 12 in. 6.96m2 (22.8m x 30.4cm).

Other Description

Still 75 Square Feet. Uses Less Packaging. Quality guaranteed or your money back. Foil label on 100% Recycled PaperboardĀ®. Try our other great storage products for convenient solutions to all your storage needs. Plastic wrap: The power to keep your food covered. Reclosable snack bags: Take your munchies on the road. Slider storage: Convenience is in the bag. Reclosable freezer bags: Keeps freshness in freezer burn out. 1-877-846-9949. Ā©2010 Ahold Licensing SArl.


Caution: Avoid contact with sharp cutting edge.


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