DAP All-Purpose Interior/Exterior Stucco Patch 32 oz CUP\TUB



Clean-up & Storage: Wash tools with water immediately after use. Be sure container is closed and tightly sealed. Store in a cool dry place. To Open: Insert blade of screwdriver between lid and bucket and pry up all around lid. To Close: Hammer down all around rim until lid snaps on. Surface preparation: Surface must be clean, dry & free of loose paint, plaster, wax, dust & dirt. Application: Apply DAP Stucco Patch with a clean putty knife or trowel. For fills over 1/4 inches deep apply 2 or more layers allowing each layer to dry before applying the next layer. Use a rubber float to blend patch with existing Stucco surface. Can be painted after final cure (3 days). Set Time: Approximately 2 to 4 hours depending on climatic conditions.



For repairing large holes & cracks. Durable & permanent. Textured finish. Ready-to-use. DAP all purpose Stucco Patch may be used to repair large holes and cracks in interior and exterior Stucco surfaces. Its ready-to-use formula blends naturally with existing Stucco for a professional finish. Coverage: 1 quart of Stucco Patch covers approximately 12-18 sq ft depending on the thickness of the Patch. VOC less exempt less water 27 g/l (less than 1.5 wt/wt%).

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