Pyramex Ztek Safety Eyewear 1 ea BAG



Fitting Instructions: When putting on the safety glasses, gently pull temples apart and guide a comfortable position so that the protector fits securely on your face. Cleaning Instructions: Clean lens with water only. Use a soft cotton or microfiber cloth and gently pat lens dry. Do not use abrasive cleaning compounds, solvents, ammonia, or alkaline cleaners. Replacement Instructions: When cracking, pitting or scratches reduce vision, discard immediately. Replace with new protectors. Storing Instructions: Store in a clean dry area.



Perform at your peak. Free pair of 32 dB earplugs. Approved Uses for Eyewear Protectors: Can be used for woodworking and machining with power tools or on construction sites. Lenses offer 99% protection against harmful UV rays. For a complete listing of approved uses refer to ANSI Z87.1-2015 Annex 1, CSA Z94.3-15 Annex A, or CE EN 166. Performance at your peak. ANSI Z87.1 + high impact requirements. Noise Reduction Rating: 32 decibels when used as directed. The range of noise reduction ratings for existing hearing protectors is approximately 0 to 30. (High numbers denote greater effectiveness). DP100. Federal law prohibits removal of the label prior to purchase. Label required by US EPA Regulation 40CFR Part 211 Subpart B. This product is independently tested to meet high impact requirement.

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