TheraStep Extra Comfort Ball of Foot Cushions 1 ea CLAM SHELL



Directions for Use: Peel protective film off of ball of foot cushion. Place adhesive side down firmly in shoe so cushion is underneath the ball of your foot with the pointed end towards the heel. The indicator line should be horizontal for proper placement. Cushion is labeled with and L or R to indicate left or right shoe.



Reduces foot pain. Three Layers of Cushioning: Top Layer: Dome provides arch support. Middle Layer: Reduces pressure on the forefoot. Bottom Layer: Extra cushioning. The dome make the difference. Made for high heels & flats. One size fits most. TheraStep Extra Comfort Ball of Foot Cushions provide 3 layers of cushioning for all day comfort. The shape of the bottom layer is designed to provide extra cushioning. The middle layer helps to reduce pressure on the forefoot and the top layer's dome shape provides arch support. Together the 3 layer offer cushioning relief of ball of foot pain. Absorbs shock and pressure on the ball of foot. Cushions and comforts. Innovative gel solutions.


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