EcoTools Prep and Refresh 1 ea BOX



1. Apply: The precision foundation is great to apply for your favorite foundation all over the face. 2. Blend: Dampen the tri-fecting wedge to blend foundation. 3. Conceal: After your foundation is applied, use the precision concealer to target and cover any blemishes. 4. Set: Gently sweep on finishing powder with the controlled setting brush for a smudge - proof finish. 5. Refresh: Clean your brushes after use with the makeup brush shampoo and place on the drying rack until next use.



100% vegan. I need to prep and refresh. The skin care essential for a fresh finish. includes how-to card & drying pack. Look beautifully. Live beautifully. The prep and refresh kit includes 3 brushes, makeup wedge, how-to card, makeup brush shampoo and a drying rack to help keep your brushes clean and organized. Ger inspires with ho-to card. Build your collection add the deep cleansing brush to help exfoliate for a smooth, glowing base. Drying pack customize and simplify your beauty routine.

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Cruelty free. Tree-free paper. Renewable bamboo.

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