Gorilla Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive



All surfaces should be clean and free of dirt, grease and oil. Best if used above 40°F. 1. Unscrew cap, fold and screw-on nozzle. Cut to desired bead size. 2. Apply adhesive to one surface in a zig-zag pattern or inside perimeter of the object. Be careful of squeeze-out. When working on rough, uneven surfaces, use enough adhesive to fill gaps. 3. Within 10 minutes, press surfaces together and hold for 20-60 seconds. Note: Heavy items may require temporary support. Use in conjunction with mechanical fasteners when hanging large mirrors. Cure time: 24 Hrs. minimum. Cure times will increase with lower temperature, humidity and if bonding non-porous surfaces. Storage: Replace cap tightly to prevent material from curing. Store in a cool, dry location. To reuse nozzle, wipe out after use with a dry cloth. Removed remaining adhesive from nozzle once cured. Clean-up: Wipe wet glue off project immediately with a dry cloth. Isopropyl alcohol may be used according to manufacturer's instructions. Coverage: 13 lin. ft. Using 3/16" bead. Paintable: In 1 hr. Best within 2 days of applications. Voc: <2%. Flash point: >200°F (>93°C).



Gorilla® Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive. Great for small projects. Incredibly strong. Protects & repairs. Indoor & outdoor. All-weather. Holds in 30 seconds - Fast grab. Paintable. All surface. All purpose. Fencing. Trim. Concrete. Plastic*. Gutters. Tub & tile. Mirrors. Flag brackets. Wood. Landscaping. Laminate repairs. Brick & stone. Water features. Floor transitions. Vinyl cove base. Granite / marble. Soap dishes. Foamboard. Towel racks. 100% Waterproof sustainable. Access panels. Made with domestic & imported materials. 2.5 fl. oz. (74 ml).

Other Description

Tough, all-weather formula provides a long lasting and heavy duty bond without the limitations of other construction adhesives. Exceeds ASTM C557, ASTM D3498 and AFG-01 specifications. *Not recommended for use on polypropylene, polyethylene, Teflon® or bitumen surfaces. Call: 1-800-966-3458. www.gorillatough.com. ©2016 The Gorilla Glue Company.


Caution: Irritant. May irritate eyes, skin or respiratory tract. Contents may be harmful. If swallowed or inhaled. Methanol may form curing curing. Do not breathe fumes. Do not get in eyes, on skin or on clothing. Do not swallow. Handle with care. Use only in a well ventilated area or wear a mask. Wear protective clothing including gloves. Wash hands thoroughly after handling. Store in a cool, dry area. do not reuse container.
Keep out of reach of children and animals.
First aid: Contains phthalates and quartz silica bound in a polymer matrix. If in eyes or on skin, rinse with water for at least 15 minutes. If on clothes, remove clothing. If breathed in, move person to fresh air. If swallowed call a Poison Control Center or doctor immediately. Do not induce vomiting. For medical emergencies only, Call: 1-800-420-7186.
This product contains a chemical(s) knows to the state of California to cause birth defects or reproductive harm.
*Not recommended for use on polypropylene, polyethylene, Teflon® or bitumen surfaces.