Carex Quad Cane Black



Fitting guidelines: Hold cane with the hand opposite weak or injured side, 6" outside body (not right beside). Elbows should be bent 15° - 20° when pressing down (30° without pressure).



Carex® Quad Cane Black. Caring for you. Carex health brands. Weight capacity: 250 lbs. (113.4 kg).

Other Description

Carex Canes provide mobility assistance for individuals weighing up to 250 pounds. Canes are designed to provide support, increased stability and assistance while walking. Canes are not designed to support the full weight of individuals or to be used for lifting or leverage. Call: 800-526-8051. Visit: © 2015.


Do not use this equipment without first reading and understanding these instructions. If you are unable to understand the Warnings, Cautions or Instructions, contact a healthcare professional, before attempting to use this equipment, otherwise injury may occur.
Check rubber tip for rips, tears, cracks or wear. If any of these conditions exist, replace rubber tip immediately.
Before use ensure that the snap button fully protrudes through adjustment hole of the cane, this ensures that the cane is securely locked in position. Without doing so a fall could result, causing bodily injury and/or damage to the cane.