Vanity Fair® Impressions® Beverage Paper Napkins, 40ct.



Vanity Fair® Impressions® Beverage Napkins. Soft to the touch. Quality Since 1958.

Other Description

We invite you to use Vanity Fair when you have great times to share. Our two-ply napkins are velvety soft, wonderfully thick and absorbent, so they're perfect for serving beverages, hors d'oeuvres or desserts. Vanity Fair beverage napkins are always ideal: soft and strong for family, friends, guests...and you. Try these helpful table tips at your next get-together. Create an enticing "fan" of Vanity Fair beverage napkins on counters or tabletops. It's easy: just press the heel of your open palm down on a stack of napkins and twist to one side. Several well-placed stacks of napkins - on dining tables or other places where your guests gather - are both practical and convenient. Visit for more entertaining ideas. Vanity Fair Impressions™ is also available in 3-ply napkins, plates, bowls and tablecovers. Also, look for 2-ply Vanity Fair® everyday napkins. Manufactured in the United States with domestic and foreign raw materials. Vanity Fair, the Shell Emboss, and Impressions are trademarks of Georgia-Pacific Consumer Products LP. If you have any questions or comments, call us toll-free at 1-800-2TELLGP/1-800-283-5547. Please have wrapper available. ©2013 Georgia-Pacific Consumer LP. All rights reserved.


To avoid danger of injury or suffocation, keep this plastic packaging away from babies and children.