Nuby Bottles Standard Neck Non Drip 0m+ - 3 PK



Cleaning: Wash and boil nipples and bottles before using and after each subsequent use.



Nuby™ Bottles Standard Neck Non Drip™ 0m+. Soft silicone nipple. Anti-colic air system. Vari-Flo™ valve allows child to control flow rate. Nubs help baby's latch. BPA free. 10 oz / 300 ml.

Other Description

Bottle: Made from BPA free durable, break-resistant plastic. Can be boiled; top rack dishwasher safe; microwave steam sterilizer safe. Graduated in both ounces and ml. Nipple: With your baby's comfort in mind, an anti-colic feature was designed into the nipple, helping to prevent ingestion of air by baby, which may cause colic. Nuby™ has taken this one step further by adding the Nuby™ nipple with raised offset surfaces that assist in the eruption of teeth by gently massaging infant's gums. The first and only Non-Drip™ nipple is uniquely designed to prevent drips and spills. With a pressure sensitive valve feature safely built right into the nipple, fluid only flows out of nipple with sucking actions of baby. This special valve closes when sucking action ceases, ensuring a leak resistant bottle. 1. No leaks! No mess! 2. Made of durable break-resistant plastic. Designed by Luv N' Care® in the U.S.A. Product Design, TM & ©. Meets CPSC Safety Requirements. Nuby™, Non Drip™, and Vari-Flo™ are trademarks licensed to Luv N' Care®, Ltd. Call: 1-800-LUVNCARE (U.S.A. only). Visit: © 2015 Luv N' Care®, Ltd.


Standard Neck Non Drip Bottles.


Do not let a child take a bottle to bed or self-feed for long periods. Allowing your child to use this product for prolonged periods separate from regular mealtimes or to go to sleep while drinking liquids, other than water, from this baby bottle may cause or contribute to early childhood tooth decay. Ask your doctor for more information about proper bottle feeding. Never use feeding nipples as a soother. All nipples can wear out. To prevent possible choking hazard with any nipple, test strength by pulling on bulb portion. Inspect and discontinue use if nipple becomes sticky, enlarged, cracked, torn or shows other signs of excessive wear. Never use with carbonated beverages, as carbonation places product under pressure and may cause leakage. Bottle hood is not a toy. Please remove hood from bottle before use and keep it out of reach of children. Do not boil liquids in microwave. Burns and scalding may result if nurser is overheated. Always test temperature of liquid before feeding baby. Always use this product with adult supervision. Please retain these instructions for future reference.