If You Care Unbleached Waxed Paper



Food Preparation & Handling. If You Care Unbleached Waxed Paper is ideal for food preparation and wrapping sandwiches and other foods. Use it for separating layers of cookies or cookie dough and pre-cooked meats. It also lines and protects kitchen surfaces, keeping them clean.



If You CareĀ® Unbleached Waxed Paper. Quality with integrity. Paraffin free. 100% Soybean wax / Totally chlorine-free (TCF). Ideal for food preparation and wrapping. 2007 Outstanding non-food specialty item. Sofi silver NASFT. 75 Sq ft (75 ft x 12 in). 7 Sq m (23 m x 30 cm).

Other Description

Why Use If You Care Unbleached TCF waxed paper? If You Care Unbleached Waxed Paper is coated with wax made from soybeans instead of paraffin. Soybean wax is clean, safe, non-toxic and biodegradable. It comes from a renewable and sustainable resource grown by American farmers. Also, as no chlorine is used to bleach If You Care Unbleached Waxed Paper, no chlorine is dumped into our lakes, rivers and streams. Supporting The Economy. For our farmers, using soybean wax is a new way to make economical use of surplus soybeans, and converts industrial products based on non-renewable petroleum resources to sustainable agricultural resources. What is Paraffin Wax? Other waxed paper products are coated with paraffin wax which is made from non-renewable petroleum resources. Using If You Care Unbleached Waxed Paper will help reduce the use of petroleum products and the amount of pollution in our environment. Cardboard box: 100% Recycled PaperboardĀ®. Can be recycled again. Product Lifecycle: Materials: Natural soybean wax. Waxed paper: Unbleached totally chlorine-free (TCF). Cardboard packaging: Recycled, processed chlorine-free (PCF). Environmental Benefits: Totally chlorine free. No petroleum products. Wax made from renewable, agricultural resource. Usage: Ideal for food preparation. Excellent for wrapping sandwiches and other foods. Recycle: Cardboard box should be recycled. Product of the USA, packaged in Canada. Package made from recycled board. For more information about If You Care products, visit us at www.ifyoucare.com.