Reynolds 75 SQ FT Plastic Coated Freezer Paper



Freezer Storage Time Chart. Freezer temperature must always be at 0 degrees F or lower. Beef - 6 to 12 months. Ground meats - 3 to 4 months. Fresh pork - 3 to 6 months. Sausage - 1 month. Frankfurters - 1/2 to 1 month. Chicken - 9 to 12 months. Turkey, whole - 6 to 12 months. Fish, lean - 6 months. Veal - 6 to 9 months. Lamb - 6 to 9 months. Duck, goose, whole - 5 to 6 months. Venison & game - 6 months. Reynolds® freezer paper is plastic coated on the shiny side. To preserve food freshness, always place food on the shiny side and wrap tightly, keeping moisture in and air out. Freezer tape not included. How to wrap foods in Reynolds® freezer paper. 1. Center - food on shiny side of freezer paper. Leave wide margins around food to allow folding of freezer paper. 2. Bring up - two sides of freezer paper over food. Fold paper down 1-inch and crease. 3. Continue - folding freezer paper in narrow folds until tight against food. 4. Turn - package over. Press air out; fold ends toward food until package is tight. Seal with freezer tape. Write date and contents on dull side of freezer paper. Reynolds® freezer paper - for more than just the freezer! Great for crafting. Protect work surfaces; paints, markers and glue won't soak through. Pour paint or pudding on plastic side for ideal finger painting. Use as a paint palette or to practice decorative painting. Cover schoolbooks; personalize with stickers or drawings. Cover a party table. Let guests decorate with crayons or markers. Make non-slip stencils. Temporarily adhere the plastic side to fabric with a hot, dry iron. Peel off stencil when paint dries. Easy Quilt Appliqués. Create templates to reduce time in quilting, piecing or appliquéing. Here's how: 1. Draw design on paper side of freezer paper, cut out. 2. Pin paper side of design to wrong side of fabric. 3. Cut out fabric pieces with 3/16" extra fabric allowance around design. Cut 1/8" long slits on curved edges to ease fabric. Press seam allowance over edge of template. Remove pins. 4. Lightly adhere fabric pieces to material by pressing in place with a hot, dry iron. Stitch fabric pieces to background material, leaving a small area unstitched. 5. Pull out freezer paper through unstitched area; stitch closed. Everyday, everywhere uses. Wrap packages for mailing or gifts. Make a disposable tablecloth for picnics or barbecues. Line shelves and drawers throughout the house. Use to catch spills in refrigerator drawers or bins, under pet dishes, when painting or potting plants. Protect kitchen counters; juices from raw meats won't leak through. Grate cheese or roll dough. Make banners for school functions, welcome greetings or parties.



Reynolds® 75 Sq Ft Plastic Coated Freezer Paper. Make Quilt Appliques.

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