Johnsen's Premium Isopropyl Gas Line Anti-Freeze



Recommended for vehicles equipped with fuel injectors and catalytic converters: including cars, trucks, 4-cycle motorcycles, tractors, marine engines and diesel engines. This diesel fuel additive complies with federal low sulfur content requirements for use in diesel motor vehicles and nonroad engines. Winter directions: To prevent gas line freeze, add one bottle each time you fill your tank. Summer directions: To control moisture, add one bottle to your tank every 1000 miles. Small engines: For all 4-cycle power motors and marine engines, add 1 oz per gallon of fuel. Not for use in 2-cycle engines (when oil is mixed with gas).



Johnsen's® Premium Isopropyl Gas Line Anti-Freeze. Recommended for fuel-injected vehicles.


Flammable. Vapor harmful. See additional precautions and first aid on back panel.
Contains isopropyl alcohol: Use only in a well ventilated area. Keep away from heat and open flame. Avoid contact with eyes.
First aid: Eyes: Flush for 15 minutes with water. Skin: Wash with soap and water. Inhalation: Remove to fresh air. Ingestion: Drink 2 glasses of water and induce vomiting. Do not make an unconscious person vomit.
Contact physician immediately.
Keep out of reach of children.
Dispose of empty bottle in accordance with local, state and federal regulations.