Victoria Vogue Professional Loose Powder Puff



Victoria Vogue® Professional Loose Powder Puff. Since 1934. Fits most large size powder containers.

Other Description

We make your makeup look better! Finally you can have the same specially designed cosmetic applicators that celebrities the world over insist upon for their daily makeup routines. From Hollywood movie sets, to New York's Broadway stages, you will find Victoria Vogue's velour puffs and oil-resistant sponges on the dressing tables of the world's most famous stars. Victoria vogue cares. Please recycle this environmentally friendly package. Call Toll free: (877) 4-VVOGUE. Visit


Professional Loose Powder Puff.


This bag and its contents are not toys, keep out of the reach of children. Some sponges and puffs may contain latex. In the unlikely event of an allergic reaction, discontinue use and consult your physician.
If you are allergic to latex, do not use this product.