Drive Folding Cane



Proper cane height: For a more comfortable fit, ensure shoe height is the same as shoe style worn most frequently when using cane. 1. Stand as upright as possible on a firm, flat surface and let your arm hang down naturally by your side. 2. Adjust cane so top portion of handle touches inside of wrist where it meets palm. Height adjustment: 1. Turn the anti-rattle collar counterclockwise to loosen. 2. Press in snap button. 3. Slide extension up or down until snap button protrudes through an adjustment hole on handle end of cane. Note: an audible "click" will be heard when snap button securely protrudes through the adjustment hole. 4. Repeat steps 2-3 until cane is at height determined proper cane height on this instruction sheet. 5. Tighten lock knob by turning clockwise. Maintenance & care: 1. Ensure snap button releases and re-engages property. 2. Inspect cane tips for wear and damage. 3. Replace any broken, damaged or worn items immediately.



Drive™ Mobility Folding Cane. Versatile. Folds for easy storage. Adjustable. Height adjusts in 1" increments from 32" to 37". Drive for the road ahead™.

Other Description

Limited lifetime warranty. Your Drive brand product is warranted to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the original consumer purchaser. This device was built to exacting standards and carefully inspected prior to shipment. This lifetime limited warranty is an expression of our confidence in the materials and workmanship of our products and our assurance to the consumer of years of dependable service. This warranty does not cover device failure due to owner misuse or negligence, or normal wear and tear. The warranty does not extend to non-durable components, such as rubber accessories, casters, and grips, which are subject to normal wear and need periodic replacement. If you have a question about your Drive device or this warranty, please contact an authorized Drive dealer. Drive is a trademark of Medical Depot, Inc. ©2013 Medical Depot, Inc. All rights reserved.


Safety summary:
To ensure the safe operation of Drive canes, these instructions must be followed.
General warnings:
Do not install or use this equipment without first reading and understanding these instructions. If you are unable to understand the warnings, cautions or instructions, contact a healthcare professional, dealer or technical personnel before attempting to install this equipment-otherwise, injury may occur.
Check rubber tip for rips, tears, cracks or wear. If any of these conditions exist, replace rubber tip immediately.
Drive Canes can provide ambulatory assistance for an individual weighing up to 300 pounds. The canes are designed to provide support, increased stability and assistance while walking.
The canes are not designed to support the total weight of individuals.
Ensure that the snap button fully protrudes through adjustment hole of cane. This ensures that the cane is securely locked in position.
Before using the cane, ensure that it is securely locked in place or a fall could result, causing bodily injury and/or damage to the cane.
Always consult your physician or therapist to determine proper adjustments and usage.