Cowboy Hardwood Lump Charcoal



Lighting instructions: Cowboy charcoal is an all natural charcoal product, it burns cleaner, lights easier and cooks hotter than briquets. This allows you to use less charcoal and cook quicker. Charcoal tips: Cowboy Charcoal is sensitive to air and will light and burn quite readily! Note: make adjustments in your air vents and grill lid to control the rate of burning. Suggested starters: We suggest using starters such as a charcoal chimney, an electric starter or paraffin coated sticks. They are economical, ecological, and easy to use! Using a charcoal chimney: We highly recommend starting your fire with a charcoal chimney. It uses newspaper as a starter, is easy to use and does not give food an after-taste. Using a starter fluid: In a clean grill close air vents and pour approximately two pounds of charcoal into a pile. We suggest building the fire on one side to allow for better cooking control. Follow directions on starter fluid package for amount to use. Add starter fluid to charcoal, light immediately, keep grill uncovered until ready to cook. Allow 10-15 minutes for the fluid to burn off and the charcoal to begin to glow orange, spread out charcoal, replace food grid and begin cooking. For extended cooking time add charcoal.



Cowboy® Hardwood Lump Charcoal is 100% natural for the best wood smoke flavor. Cowboy Charcoal lights fast, burns hot, and leaves less ash than standard briquets. It’s great for use in all outdoor cooking appliances! Net weight 20 lb (9.07 kg).

Other Description

The cowboy way... Grilling over an open fire is the oldest method of cooking known to man. On the western frontier it was the only way to feed hungry cowhands. Frontier food was prepared over glowing wood embers and was characterized by its hearty flavor and inviting aroma. It was over those traditional fires that "Cowboy cuisine" was born! This paper bag is biodegradable. Package contains recycled products. This bag has been printed in ink water based. For grilling tips barbecues recipes and comments, write to: Cowboy Charcoal, LLC. P.O. Box 3770 Brentwood, TN 37024. We would like to hear form you about your barbecue ideas and experiences. Why we are different! Compare a Cowboy charcoal" to "briquets". 1. All natural, 100% charcoal, no coal, fillers or chemicals! 2. Quicker, hotter fire, with heat in excess of briquets! 3. Easy lighting, starts in half the time of briquets! 4. Great taste! No starch or petroleum off-taste and flavor! 5. Charcoal can be added to fire without smelly fumes! 6. All charcoal means less ash, clean up is minimal! Fax 615-661-9938. Visit us on the web ©2013.


Carbon monoxide hazard.
Burning charcoal inside can kill you. It gives off carbon monoxide, which has no odor.
Never burn charcoal inside homes, vehicles or tents.
California Proposition 65 warning:
Burning charcoal emits carbon monoxide, a chemical known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.


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