Enoz Bug Swatter



888 civilian uses - here are 8: Keep it in the truck for the winter and use it as a windshield scraper. For those that don't mind spreading a little bug shrapnel, try it as a back scratcher. Emergency toothpick (works well, but don't let your wife catch you). Canoe paddle, you never know when you'll be up that creek without a real one. Makes a good fish club. Beer can crusher. Redneck badminton. Manual mousetrap.



EnozĀ® Bug Swatter. Great for outdoors. Since 1918. Sergeant swat. Extra heavy duty. Willert.

Other Description

A military spec swatter for the toughest pests! Recoilless design allows for SWAT-attacks on even the largest flying prey. Precision manufactured flapper and super strong steel handle creates the most lethal flying pest killing apparatus the world has ever seen. Superior balanced action allows for smooth, powerful swats - even while seated. Will not bend or break, even in the most severe of conditions.


While sergeant swat is effective on most campsite pests, it has been shown to only aggravate bears.
Meant for backyard warfare between you and the flies - not your neighbors or dogs.
Keep away from unruly kids (unless you like getting thwacked).
Outdoor use only.