Johnson & Johnson Build Your Own First Aid Kit



Customize your first aid kit with essentials for proper wound care. 1. Clean: Clean affected area and blot dry using: Mild soap and water or saline water and Neosporin® foaming liquid. Band-Aid® brand sterile Gauze Pad. 2. Treat: Help prevent infection with: Neosporin® antibiotic ointment or Neosporin® plus pain ointment or cream. 3. Protect: Cover the wound until it is completely healed with: Band-Aid® brand adhesive bandage. Band-Aid® brand sterile gauze pad. Band-Aid® brand tape. Use all products only as directed.



Johnson & Johnson Build Your Own First Aid Kit. Pick it! Build it! Love it. Be prepared for all of life's adventures. More than $15 in valuable coupons inside! 1. Clean. 2. Treat. 3. Protect. Learn more.

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Free exclusive access! Get help with general wound care: Call the Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. Wound care resource. Nurse hotline 800-526-3967. Mon to Fri 8am to 8pm EST. ©Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. 2015. The Red Cross design and words are registered trademarks of Johnson & Johnson. Products bearing this trademark have no connection with The American National Red Cross. ©J&JCI 2016.


Caution: this product contains natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions.


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