EZ Foil By Hefty All Purpose Pan 13 1/4 in. x 9 5/8 in. x 2 3/4 in.



Ez Foil® By Hefty® All Purpose Pan. Pan size: 13 1/4 in. x 9 5/8 in. x 2 2/3 in. (336mm x 244mm x 69mm). For up to 12 lbs.

Other Description

FSC®. www.fsc.org. Mix label from responsible source. This label made from FSC® certified paper. Recyclable Aluminum. ©2012 Reynolds Consumer Products Inc.


Caution: directions for use to avoid burns. Maximum capacity 12 lbs. Lift and support pan at all times with large. Non-disposable continuous sidewall cookie sheet. Carefully monitor and control juice levels in pan throughout cooking process. Remove all juices from pan before removing pan from oven to avoid spilling.