Reynolds Wrap Extra Heavy Duty Foil Grill and Oven Bags - 4 CT



How to use: 1. Preheat grill to medium-high or to 450 degrees F. For oven: preheat to 450 degrees F. Place bag on a 1-inch deep pan. 2. Sprinkle 1 tablespoon flour inside bag to protect against bursting. Add 1/4 cup liquid if cooking meat or poultry alone. Arrange food in even layer in bag. 3. Double fold open end of bag to seal. 4. Slide bag onto grill; close grill to cook. Or - bake on pan in oven; make sure bag does not hang over sides of pan. 5. After grilling, use oven mitts to slide bag onto pan from grill. Always use supporting pan to transport bag. 6. Carefully cut bag open and fold back top to allow steam to escape.



Reynolds Wrap™ Extra Heavy Duty Foil Grill and Oven Bags. Aluminum foil. Trusted since 1947. Great for grilling. Perfect for the oven. Ideal for complete meals. Bag it! Seal it! Cook it! 4 foil bags. 10 in x 15 1/2 in (25.4 cm x 39.37 cm).

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No fuss, complete meals - with no tending and no clean-up! Unconditional guarantee: Reynolds guarantees complete satisfaction or your purchase price refunded. Visit for more recipes and tips. ©2012 Reynolds Consumer Products Inc.


Caution: always sprinkle 1 tablespoon flour in bag to protect against bursting. Always use supporting pan to lift or transport bag after filling and cooking. Always use oven mitts when handling hot bag and when cutting bag open after cooking as contents are hot and burns could result from steam or spilling.