Elmer's Carpenter's Clamp Tape



Note: minimize contact of the tape to itself as it will bond if pressed together. Application: measure out amount of tape you need. Cut the tape and remove clear backing. For most shapes, simply stretch the tape around the pieces of wood and overlap the tape. As the tape only sticks to itself, hold the starting end with your thumb or finger while stretching the tape. Make sure tape is stretched tight. Once the tape is wrapped back onto itself, pinch to secure hold. For table/chair legs or unusual shapes, stretch the tape around the leg and back onto itself. This anchors the tape. Next, stretch the tape around the frame and back onto the anchored tape leg. This secures the hold. Again, always stretch the tape, but do not over stretch. Finishing: let glue dry per manufacturer's recommended time and simply cut the tape free. It's that easy! May reuse portions of tape that haven't come in contact with each other.



Elmer's® Carpenter's® Clamp Tape™. Holds tight when clamps won't. Sticks only to itself. Will not damage finishes. 300% elastic stretch. Great for irregular shapes. 0.75in. x 5ft. x 0.02in. 19mm x 1.5m x 0.5mm.

Other Description

Simplify glue repairs with Elmer's Carpenter's® Clamp Tape™. Now it's easy to secure wooden pieces during dry time to eliminate the need for special clamps or clamps that can damage the finish. No clean up is required since Clamp Tape only sticks to itself. Also works as a multi-purpose repair wrap. www.elmers.com. ©2012 Elmer's Products, Inc.


Warning: strangulation hazard.
Keep out of the reach of children.


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