Endangered Species Chocolate Dark Chocolate With Cranberries & Almonds 72% Cocoa

3.0 OZ BAR


Marketing Description

Endangered Species® Chocolate Dark Chocolate With Cranberries & Almonds 72% Cocoa.
10% net profits donated.
Non GMO project. Verified.
Certified Gluten-Free™.
Certified vegan.

Other Description

72% dark chocolate with cran. & alm.
Our 10% promise:
By choosing this chocolate bar you are supporting conservation programs worldwide. 10% of net profits are donated to non-profit partners that protect and preserve wildlife.
Look inside for info on the wolf.
10% PCW.
Cocoa and vanilla: Fairtrade Certified and sourced from Fairtrade producers. Sugar traded in compliance with Fairtrade Standards. Total 93.1%. Visit www.info.fairtrade.net.
Thank you for indulging in a cause. Enjoy.
The gray wolf (canis lupus):
Wolves communicate via howling, body language and scent marking.
Behavior is smart, devoted to the pack.
Diet includes elk, deer, caribou.
Wolves belong to family units called packs that are capable of complex cooperative behaviors. They have unique traditions that guide their pack's hunting and pup rearing strategies. Wolves have great endurance. They can travel very long distances at a lope around 5 mph.
Habitat degradation.
Water & air pollution.
Invasive species diseases.
Human interference poaching.
Climate change natural events.
Chemicals pesticide use.
Ethical ingredients:
An indulgent chocolate experience supporting farmers, habitats and your health.
Consume with a conscience:
Our cocoa is sourced from small-scale farms and co-ops in West Africa. Working with Fairtrade International, our purchases help secure a better life for farmers, workers and wildlife Fairtrade certified farmers implement fair working standards, invest in their communities and use environmentally-sound farming methods. How delicious is that?
For our planet's health and yours:
We, along with many people, share a concern about the potential environmental impact and health risks of genetically modified foods. Respecting your right to know what's in your food, our dark chocolate is verified to be free of GMOs by the non-GMO project. It's chocolate that makes you feel as good as it tastes!
Choosing Endangered Species chocolate is one way you can honor farmers and encourage sustainable farming practices.
Population: stable.
Gray wolves were once the most widely distributed mammal. Wolves have been hunted, trapped, and poisoned because of fear and perceived conflicts with livestock. Legal protections have helped the wolf recover in portions of its historic range.
This chocolate bar supports wildlife conservation efforts and is certified to be fairly traded, vegan, kosher and free of GMOs.
How to help:
Wolf conservation center.
The wolf conservation center teaches people about the importance and plight of wolves in North America and works to restore these keystone species to their rightful places in our landscapes, in our hearts, and in our culture.
Learn more at www.nywolf.org.
This species supporter may be a past or future 10% giveback partner but is not a current recipient. Join together with this non-profit to protect wolves.
10% giveback partners:
10% of net profits from the sale of this chocolate bar are given back to support the work of:
African Wildlife Foundation®:
The African Wildlife Foundation works to protect landscapes in a way that benefits wildlife and people alike. By putting safeguards in place like training rangers, using sniffer dogs to help prevent poaching, and empowering communities, they're helping to ensure that Africa's wildlife survives and thrives.
The Xerces Society:
For invertebrate conservation.
The Xerces Society protects wildlife through the conservation of invertebrates and their habitats. For forty years, the Xerces Society has been at the forefront of insect protection worldwide, harnessing the knowledge of scientists and enthusiasm of citizens to implement effective conservation programs.
We commit to a three year partnership with each 10% giveback partner and guarantee a minimum $10,000 annual donation to each.
Printed on unbleached 10% post-consumer recycled paper with water-based inks.
Endangered Species is a registered trademark of Endangered Species Chocolate, LLC.
Learn more at chocolatebar.com.
©2014 Endangered Species Chocolate, LLC. All rights reserved.

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 1

Servings per Container: about 2

Number Of Servings about 2 []
Serving Sizes []
Energy 210 []
Total Fat 17 ["g"]
Saturated Fat 10 ["g"]
Trans Fat 0 ["g"]
Cholesterol 0 ["mg"]
Sodium 0 ["mg"]
Carbohydrates 21 ["g"]
Dietary Fiber 5 ["g"]
Sugars 12 ["g"]
Protein 3 ["g"]
Daily Percent Of Vitamin A 0 []
Daily Percent Of Vitamin C 0 []
Daily Percent Of Calcium 2 []
Daily Percent Of Iron 10 []


Bittersweet Chocolate (Chocolate Liquor, Cane Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Soy Lecithin, Vanilla), Roasted Almonds, Infused Cranberries (Cranberries, Sugar, Sunflower Oil, Cellulose).


Allergens: contains almonds and soy. Produced on equipment that also processes product containing milk and tree nuts.



Package Data

Length: 0.505 IN
Height: 5.73 IN
Width: 2.835 IN
Weight: 0.205 LB
Units In Package: 1
Package Type: BAR
Package Size: 3.0 OZ
Net Weight: 3.0 OZ