Red Star Instant Yeast Quick-Rise - 3 CT




Approximately 2 1/4 tsp equals one 1/4 oz packet of Red Star® yeast. Three 1/4 oz packets equal the activity of one 2 oz yeast cake. Store in a cool, dry place. Baking tips: Use a thermometer to determine liquid temperatures. For traditional baking methods: Dissolve one packet in 1/4 cup warm liquid, 110 degrees-115 degrees F. add 1/2 tsp sugar. Wait for foam to double in volume. Or blend yeast with dry ingredients. Add very warm liquds, 120 degrees-130 degrees F. Avoid liquid temperatures above 140 degrees F as this will harm the yeast. For bread machines: use liquids at 80 degrees F.


Marketing Description

Red Star® Quick-Rise™ Instant Yeast.
A tradition in family baking.
Rises 50% faster.
For use in bread machines & traditional baking.
Non Genetically Engineered certified.

Other Description

Carol Stevens guarantee.
Does not contain wheat gluten or other cereal protein.
0 calories - 0 fat - 0 sodium.
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Yeast, Sorbitan Monostearate, Ascorbic Acid.


Lesaffre Yeast Corporation
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53214 USA



Package Data

Length: 0.163 IN
Height: 3.361 IN
Width: 8.126 IN
Weight: 0.055 LB
Units In Package: 3
Package Type: PACKET
Package Size: 0.25 OZ
Net Weight: 0.25 OZ