Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares Premium Assorted

18.59 OZ BAG



Store in a cool and dry place.


Marketing Description

Ghirardelli® Chocolate Squares™ Premium assortment.
Rich Chocolate, Luscious Filling.
Milk & Caramel.
60% Dark.
Dark & Mint.
Dark & Raspberry.
Moments of Timeless Pleasure®.
San Francisco. Founded in 1852.

Other Description

Reward yourself with the perfect combination of our rich, slow-melting chocolate and luscious fillings. Savor a moment that will carry you through your day.
Look for Ghirardelli Squares® Chocolate in a variety of flavors at stores near you.
Ghirardelli, Squares, Milk & Caramel.
Ghirardelli Squares, Dark 60%.
Ghirardelli Squares, Dark & Mint.
Ghirardelli Squares, Dark & Raspberry.
Ghirardelli Squares, Milk & Peanut Butter.
Ghirardelli Squares, Dark & Caramel.
The Ghirardelli® Difference™.
Controlling all steps for ultimate quality.
Bean selection: We select only the highest quality cocoa beans.
Roasting: We use a unique roasting process for intense chocolate taste.
Refining: We refine to achieve the ultimate velvety smoothness.
Conching: We conche extensively to bring out unique, sophisticated flavors.
Proudly manufactured in California, USA.
©2012 Ghirardelli Chocolate Co. GCC# 3085N.
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Quality guarantee Ghirardelli Chocolate Company.
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Product sold by weight, not by volume. Contents may settle during shipping.


May contain Tree Nuts.



Package Data

Length: 4.0 IN
Height: 9.15 IN
Width: 6.3 IN
Weight: 1.237 LB
Units In Package: 1
Package Type: BAG
Package Size: 18.59 OZ
Net Weight: 18.59 OZ