Lansinoh Affinity Breastmilk Storage Bottles - 4 CT

4.0 CT BOX


Marketing Description

Lansinoh® Affinity™ Breastmilk Storage Bottles - 4 CT.
BPA free.
For storage of breastmilk in refrigerator or freezer.
Designed for longer, safer breastmilk storage.
Express milk directly into bottles.
Contains 4 each of: 5 oz storage bottles, collars and disks. Nipples not included.

Other Description

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Breastmilk storage bags.
Strong, durable & leak-proof storage bags for storing & freezing breastmilk.
Patented double zipper seal prevents leakage.
Strongest bag available.
Designed exclusively for use with the Lansinoh® Affinity™ double electric breast pump. You can pump directly into these BPA-free bottles so you can use the same container for storing and feeding without ever transferring your milk.
Designed for longer and safer storage of breastmilk fits Lansinoh® Affinity™ double electric breast pump.
Specially designed sealing disk prevents storage bottle from leaking.
Containers are freezer-safe and dishwasher-safe.
Contains four of each: 5 oz. storage bottles, collars and disks (nipples not included).
Standard sized neck.
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Package Data

Length: 4.8 IN
Height: 5.0 IN
Width: 5.1 IN
Units In Package: 1
Package Type: BOX
Package Size: 4.0 CT