CareOne 1 Inch Tender Tape




Clean and dry skin. Cover area with non-stick pad. Wrap with Tender Tape?????? to secure the pad and help keep out dirt and contaminants. Overlap tape and press onto underlying layer to keep end in place.


Marketing Description

CareOne???? Tender Tape??????.
Won't hurt.
Compare to J&J Hurt Free?????? tape*.
1in x 5 YD (25mm X 4.5M) stretched.
1in x 2.2 YD (25mm x 2M) unstretched.
1 roll.

Other Description

CareOne???? Tender Tape?????? is specially designed to secure the dressing to the wound and allow for painless removal.
Unlike regular tapes, this product sticks to itself rather than your skin or hair.
Firmly secures dressing on wounds.
Excellent conformability.
Stretchy and breathable.
Leaves no sticky residue on skin.
This product has been tested by an independent laboratory to ensure its quality.
Quality guaranteed or your money back.
*J&J markets Hurt Free Tape?????? under the first aid label.
????2004 S&S Brands, Inc.


American Sales Company
4201 Walden Avenue Lancaster, NY 14086



Package Data

Length: 5.45 IN
Height: 1.15 IN
Width: 4.0 IN
Units In Package: 1
Package Type: PACKAGE
Package Size: 2.2 YARDS