NUK Trendline Orthodontic 0+ Month 5 OZ Bottle

1.0 CT BOX


Marketing Description

NUK® Trendline™ Orthodontic 0+ Month Bottle.
Original Orthodontic Nipple.
Helps Reduce Colic & Promotes Healthy Oral Development.
Simulates & Supports Breastfeeding.
Compatable with NUK® Breast Pumps.
Slow flow.
Brand Trusted by Moms For Over 50 yrs.
NUK® Air System™.
BPA free.
1 Bottle.
5 oz 150 ml.

Other Description

Flat area: reinforces correct tongue positioning.
Hole against palate: allows milk to mix with baby's saliva facilitating better digestion.
Asymmetrical widening: encourages movement for correct jaw positioning.
NUK® Air System™: vent helps reduce colic.
Extra-Wide Base: mimics the shape of mother's breast.
Special Design Helps Reduce Colic: The NUK® Air System™ vents the bottle, preventing vacuum build up this allows baby to drink continuously, swallowing liquid instead of air.
Available in slow, medium & fast flow.
Promotes Healthy Oral Development: Is the same orthodontic shape as NUK® pacifiers, designed to fit baby's oral cavity.
Simulates & Supports Breastfeeding: The nipple is shaped like mother's breast during feeding.
Supports switching between breast & bottle.
NUK® Orthodontic Nipple Shape.
Supports Healthy Oral Development, Breastfeeding.
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Fashion Meets Function.
Instructions for use & care are enclosed.
Assembled in USA with parts made in USA and Germany. Nuk is a registered trademark of Mapa GmbH, Zeven, Germany.
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Package Data

Length: 2.65 IN
Height: 6.35 IN
Width: 3.05 IN
Units In Package: 1
Package Type: BOX
Package Size: 1.0 CT